Plan A Party

Party Planning Guide for Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Party PlanningPeople’s drinking habits are ever changing.  With the strict Dill Laws and Penalties, there is a definite trend toward beer and wine gatherings ONLY (this is due to the interest in wines and crafted, micro-brewed beers).  This also gives you the incredible selection and variety of beers and wines as an interesting alternative to distilled spirits.

A check-list follows to include necessary quantities of bartending supplies, distilled spirits, beers and wines.  It is important to note time of year, and the temperature of the day, evening of the event, age group, length and nature of event (wedding rehearsal dinner, retirement party, graduation, etc.), day of the week, elderly folks, college age, etc. are all factors in properly planning for a successful function.

Learn about pairing food and wine in our blog post The General Rules of Food and Wine Pairing.

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Party Planning Quantities Chart

Vodka 4-Liters 2-Liters 1-Liter
Whiskey 3-Liters 1-Liter 1-750 ml
Bourbon 1-750 ml 1-750 ml 1-750 ml
Gin 3-Liters 2-Liters 1-750 ml
Scotch 2-Liters 1-Liter 1-Liter or 1-750 ml
Tequila 1-Liter 1-Liter 1-750 ml
Light Rum 1-Liter 1-Liter 1-750 ml
Dark Rum 1-Liter 1-Liter 1-750 ml
(domestic, light, 6-8 Cases 6 Cases 1-3 Cases
imported) Mixed Mixed Mixed
WINES 2-Cases Red 1-Case Red 0.5-Case Red
(reds, whites, & 2-Cases White 1-Case White 0.5-Case White
blush) 1-Case Blush 0.5-Case Blush 3-4 Bottles Blush
(for toast) 1.5-Cases 1-Case 0.5-Case
(based on 500ml. size) 3-4 Cases 2-3 Cases 1-3 Cases
Still or sparkling
Coke 5-2 Liters 3-2 Liters 2-2 Liters
Diet Coke 5-2 Liters 3-2 Liters 2-2 Liters
Sprite 3-2 Liters 2-2 Liters 1-2 Liters
Ginger Ale 3-2 Liters 2-2 Liters 1-2 Liters
Tonic Water 6-1 Liters 3-1 Liters 2-1 Liters
Club Soda 5-1 Liters 3-1 Liters 2-1 Liters
O.J. 5-Quarts 3-Quarts 2-Quarts
Cranberry 4-Quarts 3-Quarts 2-Quarts
Grapefruit 2-Quarts 1-Quarts 1-Quarts
Margarita Mix 5-Liters 3-Liters 2-Liters
Bloody Mary Mix 3-Liters 2-Liters 2-Liters
Pineapple 2-6 Packs (10oz) 1-6 Packs (10oz) 1-6 Packs (10oz)
Salt 1-Rimmer 1-Rimmer 1-Rimmer
Sugar 1-Rimmer 1-Rimmer 1-Rimmer
Bitter 1-4oz Bottle 1-4oz Bottle 1-4oz Bottle
Lemons (whole) 1.5-Dozen 1-Dozen 6-10
Limes (whole) 3-Dozen 2-Dozen 1-Dozen
Cocktail Onions 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar
Olives 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar
Cherries 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar 1-Small Jar


Beverage Napkins
Plastic Stirrers
1 CLEAN small tub / misc. container to dispense ice for making cocktails
Ice Scoop
1 Large Cooler to store bags of ice if a freezer is not available
1-2 Drink Shakers for Manhattans / Martinis
1 Small Plastic Cutting Board for lemons and limes
2-4 Small Bowls or Ramekins for cut fruit dispensing
3 Glasses Per Person (this includes rocks, highball and/or wine glasses)
1 Pound of Ice Per Person (for service and cooling beer, wine, etc.)
1 Bottle Opener (beer)
1 Bottle Opener (wine)
Cocktail Recipe Book
Bar Towel(s)
2-3 Large Trash Cans with liners
Blender (if needed)


750ml 25.3oz.
1 Liter 33oz.
Wine only party 0.5 Bottle per person
Summer weather tends to encourage more white wine drinking
Cooler/winter weather tends encourage more red wine drinking
1.5oz is the standard shot size
Vodka is the most consumed spirit and will run 3-4 times more than everything else.


A keg of beer (a half barrel of beer) contains 1,984oz. of beer, or 15.5 gallons or 160 12oz. beers or a little under seven cases or 148 pints. There will be a deposit of $50.00 for the keg and $50.00 for the tap.  Both of which will be returned when the equipment is returned.